Just as Sun is the source of light and energy to nature, it also helps to nourish the human body. Similar to sunlight, clean water, fresh and clean air is another source to vitalize the human body

The Mahathma Nature Cure Centre located on a hillock, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life offers you unique advantage where one could commune with Nature and enjoy scenic vistas from each room. Mahathma Gandhi, the father of our nation was a great votary of natural hygiene.

Nature Cure is an eco-friendly way of treating disease and there by helps to keep the body free from toxins. The principle of Nature Cure is treating without introducing any foreign particle or foreign body into our system. The inner energy is invoked to keep the system balanced without any disease.

Vitality is the self-healing inner force present in every human being and Nature Cure helps to retain this vitality. Natural Hygiene is based on this principle of vitality.

Nature Cure treatments give importance to fasting, dieting, baths using sunlight, mud, water, scientific massage, yoga and exercise.

The architecture is authentically traditional, constructed laterite and palm wood. The lobby with tantalizing décor welcomes the visitor into a world of health and happy living.
The human body (purush) derives strength from prakriti (nature). Nature cure literally means healing by letting nature take its own course.

This destination offers you a unique mix of pilgrimage, leisure and heritage options for a memorable holiday. Experience the bounteous beauty of Kerala at its best !

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